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So who are we? My husband and I are avid travelers who are absolutely passionate about Maui. We have visited this island numerous times and are now  fortunate enough to live here part-time.  Maui truly is home to us and  we love sharing our home with family and friends.  Additionally, we want to reach out and connect with others who are interested in Maui, from those considering a trip to others already infatuated with this island.  We want to share our tips and thoughts and hear yours.

When not in Maui, we live with our two sons in a beautiful small town called Gig Harbor, about an hour south and west of Seattle.   Originally from the East Coast, we moved to the Seattle area about 25 years ago.

We both have legal backgrounds and about 20 years ago began working for ourselves. We started and sold three successful companies, all of which were dependent on our providing the best information and content to our clients.  We want to provide our readers of this blog with the best information we can and we look forward to being able to have direct  contact with many of you. The best way to reach us now is through posting a comment on one of our posts.  We will be adding other contact methods to this page soon, including email and social media contacts.  We are transitioning from the formal business world to the fun social world of blogs.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Nathan & Cindy Kellogg

Here we are at the Garden of Eden
Here we are at the Garden of Eden




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  1. Aloha…Do you know where I can purchase the “PONO Do What is right” sticker? I’ve been looking for it but have been unsuccessful finding where to purchase. Mahalo.

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