Did you Know that Maui has Sea Caves?!

Along the remote Kanaio Coast of Maui , stretching from Makena in South Maui to Hana, is a very arid and barren stretch of the island. One can drive along part of this area by going the “back way to Hana”.   This drive, starting in Kula and ending in Hana, of course, is a tricky, windy, one lane road that sometimes isn’t paved. Rental car companies generally prohibit rental cars from being taken on this road. We will write more about the joys of the back road in a later post, but for now we want to discuss another spectacular way to see this area.

A unique way to view this coast is by boat which then opens up the possibility of exploring the sea caves that dot this coastline.  There  are a number of tours that offer snorkeling and diving options as well as tours that feature going inside the caves. These tours not only offer access to otherwise inaccessible areas of Maui, but also provide beautiful views of Haleakala as well as lava arches and grottos.  Many of these tours will also include a trip over to Molikini, another awesome spot to snorkel.


Been to the sea caves? Let us know what you thought!


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