Stamp Collectors Meet Maui!

The U.S. Postal Service is unveiling it’s first ever Maui stamp on June 2nd. The stamp features a beautiful picture of Haleakala National Park with a rainbow inside the crater. The Maui stamp will be part of a sheet of 16 Forever Stamps commemorating the National Park Service’s centennial and will feature 15 other National Park images as well.

The Haleakala image used for this stamp was taken by Seattle photographer Kevin Ebi.  Ebi said he had gone to Haleakala the day he took this picture to decide where he needed to be  the next morning for his planned  sunrise picture. Instead he found inspiration with the sunlight peaking out through a hole in the fog with a rainbow inside it.

Haleaka Stamp

The National Parks stamp sheets will be available for purchase starting June 2nd at post offices nationwide and online at While the entire sheet will be dedicated by the Postmaster General at the World Stamp Show in New York, the Maui stamp will be dedicated by local postal officials during this event.

Yeah for Maui’s inclusion in this National Park collection!